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In Brazil, where I grew up it is very common to find “bacalhau”, which is a salted dried cod fish. So in order to mimic the saltiness of bacalhau, which needs to be soaked in water in order to remove the salt before cooking, I decided to “play” with fresh cod fish. Why not brine cod? So I brined the cod and then use it like some of the dishes that I used to make back in Brazil…it turned out delicious, moist and very flavorful. The potatoes are tender and loaded of flavor.


Approximately 1 lb cod fish
1 tablespoon rock salt
2 ½ to 3 cups of cold water

3 to 4 Roma tomatoes, sliced
1 large onion, sliced
3 to 4 potatoes, peeled and sliced,
¼ cup of olives, cut into half
Fresh ground pepper
2 to 3 tablespoon of olive oil

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Salt Brined Cod Fish (4) ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me

Salt Brined Cod Fish (5) ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me


Dissolve the salt in the cold water, cut the cod in approximately 1 ½ to 2 inch and place them in the salty water. Make sure that all the pieces of the cod fish are covered with the salty water. Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator overnight.

Remove the cod fish from the salty water, rinse under cold water and drain thoroughly.

In a casserole pan place the olive oil, and alternate layers of potato, onion, olives, cod fish, and tomatoes, sprinkle in between layers fresh ground pepper to taste. Make as many layers as necessary until all the ingredients are used up.

Cover the pot and turn the heat to medium low. Cook for approximately 40 to 45 minutes. Uncover and cook under medium for another 5 minutes, until most of the liquid has been evaporated.

Serve hot.

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Salt Brined Cod Fish (7) ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me

Salt Brined Cod Fish (8) ~ Simple Recipes Dot Me

Curiosity Corner Jan 2013
Bacalhau or salted dried cod was produced in order to preserve the cod before the refrigeration was available. Moreover, the process of salting and drying like in many foods, makes the cod tastier.

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  1. We love this Juliana look absolutely delicious the kids love fish!!

  2. 45 minutes cooking time with all of the nice ingredients along with it, oh yes. That dish would be very flavorful and moist. Thank you, Juliana and have a wonderful week! 🙂

  3. This looks terrific Juliana! You are so creative.

  4. Your fish looks lovely!


  5. I’ve heard about this!

  6. Ai, Juliana! Que saudade de comer um bom bacalhau como esse aí seu. Trabalho de gênio mesmo isso aí de brine o bacalhau fresco. Uma boa semana,querida!

  7. Mmm, I love salty fish. This is such a comforting, delicious dish; my mouth is watering =)

  8. I love cod! This is right up my alley.

  9. What an interesting dish, Juliana and you’ve gone overboard to explain just how to do it. I love it!

  10. Salty food tops my list. Cod is also on top there so when both are combined and prepared with other ingredients, it brings on such a tempting dish. I probably will not let the all the liquid to be evaporated because I enjoy some gravy, that tangy tomato flavored with my usual rice.

  11. what a clever idea to bring your own – at least that way you can control the saltiness 🙂

  12. i love alaakan cos all the way…
    savoury for it’se;f…
    simple seasoning and treatment like you dis is the best way to serve it!

  13. i love alaskan cod all the way…
    savoury for it’self…
    simple seasoning and treatment like you dis is the best way to serve it!

  14. You’re so clever to brine fresh cod!! 😀 And it sounds like it turned out fantastically!

  15. Not only the moist cod, I also like how the dish is put together; sounds like I could omit the black pepper in my brine.

  16. This is really interesting! Cod is very expensive over there as they are all imported! This dish looks really flavourful and delicious!
    Thank you for sharing, have a lovely day!

  17. We have exactly the same dried, salty cod in Greece too Juliana! Go figure now! We put it in water which we change several times to get rid of the salt. Your opposite procedure sounds like fun. The fish looks delicious!

  18. I didn’t realize it was common in Brazil. I always associate it with Italy for some reason. I’ve had it once, almost like a spread on top of toast, and it was very good. Your version looks delicious with the potatoes!

  19. Great idea of brining fish, will have to try next time!

  20. Hi Juliana,

    I have never been to Brazil and taste bacalhau before… In Asian, we like to eat salted fish too and I’m assuming that bacalhau seems to be the chunkier version.

    Nice that you have re-created bacalhau very well.


  21. What a delicious way to flavor cod!

  22. Interesting recipe, Juliana! I know Brazilians eat a lot of salted cod. You did a super job with this.

  23. Honestly this is one of my favourite food item but it is also highly dangerous to me a I have a high allergic reaction to bachalau. Now I eat them carefully with antihistamine on the side 🙂

  24. I often buy salted cod and love it, while I don’t like fresh cod at all. The long desalting process is well worth it! Your brining method sounds very interesting and I bet it tastes great.

  25. Your dish is gorgeous…and it sounds so tasty, too! Brining cod is an excellent idea 🙂

  26. I think this dish looks very Mediterranean. The flavours look like they’d be amazing. xx

  27. Cod isn’t used enough these days. I recall my mum using it quite abit when I was growing up. I love it and can definitely use this very rad recipe. Love the addition to tomatoes to bring some sweetness to the dish.

  28. This is new to me but It looks great with addition of tomato and olive in it!

  29. Second brined fish I see today lol. I know of but never bought bacalhau. I do like the idea of brining the fish and your dish looks moist and so flavorful. Have a great week!

  30. I have yet to try Brazilian bacalhau, actually never tried Portuguese either. I love the idea behind your recipe and it certainly sounds scrumptious. Thanks for sharing Juliana!

  31. I love salted cod, but never thought to make my own. What a fun idea! This is really a super post – thanks so much.

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  33. Very interesting dish – this is something new for me, but I bet I would enjoy it a lot! I love brined foods 🙂

  34. Wow, I wish I had access to the Wild Alaskan Cod that you used. When I was in Paris, there was a Brazilian restaurant down the street and I used to eat the traditional dish ‘Feijoada’. Can you give us this recipe (or maybe you already have!)

  35. Your dish of stewed salted cod fish is sure making me hungry. It looks really delicious! Didn’t know that salted fish is a favourite dish in Brazilian cuisine, thanks for sharing!

  36. What a beautiful one-pot meal! It looks very flavorful…cod is one of my favorite kinds of fish so I know I’d love this!

  37. You grew up in Brazil? Wow, Juliana, I had no idea. That must mean that you speak Portuguese; not an easy language. I’m having a difficult enough time learning Spanish! My son vacationed in Brazil recently. It is a really beautiful country but has become very expensive in some ways. Love this fish dish – love fish in general. 🙂

  38. we had once salted cod fish on a cruise trip in the Caribbean and we couldn’t get enough of it. Reading your post brings back memories.
    Thanks for sharing and thank you for the lovely comment left on my guest post (dulce de leche bars) on Liz’s blog

  39. What a terrific idea…I’m sure you dish was wonderful.

  40. What a unique dish! I’ve heard of this before…but i haven’t had a chance to make or try it. Thank you for sharing!

  41. What a great idea. I brine both poultry and pork so why not fish. I look forward to giving this a try.

  42. Ahh…. is that what Portuguese calls for salted cod fish? I often see bacalhau at stores. Brined fish is a great method to preserve and flavor the fish.

  43. Your Bacalhau recipe looks so flavorful!

  44. Hi Juliana, interesting recipe. Something new to me but look inviting. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a wonderful weekend, regards

  45. I really like salt brined fish, but I have never made it myself. Your dish sounds wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  46. Hmm, I wonder if I could salt-brine tofu.. Sounds like a fun experiment at least! Now I’m just curious enough to try. 😉

  47. Salted cod is also imported in Greece and love it. We have a fish we call cod in Greece but it’s actually the European hake (Merluccius merluccius). Love the way you cooked it. In Greece we cook it in a similar way called “Plaki”.

  48. Yum, sounds delicious! What did you serve this with? I’m thinking rice.

  49. since i’m not the biggest fan of fish, there are many preparations i’ve never tried. this is one of them, but it’s a very interesting recipe!

  50. Dear Juliana,

    This looks really delicious and although we can get bacalhau really easily in Sydney at the Portuguese community delis, I have never tried cooking with it.

  51. A very unique and delicious use of cod! Yummy clicks! Have a great week, Juliana 🙂

  52. Thks for your lovely comments Luxury Haven! It’s really interesting to know u’re raised in Brazil. My ex-boss is from San Paulo too!

    Awesome blog you’ve got here & looking fwd to sharing, not just on food!

  53. Really interesting recipe, not something I’ve ever tried.

  54. This is my first time hearing about this dish. We eat cod often too, and I love that you cook fish with potatoes, tomatoes, onions… already feeling such a comfort food!

  55. This sounds wonderful.