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This is a very simple and fast (therefore speedy) way to make miso salmon when you are in hurry since there is no need to marinate and you still get the miso flavor in the salmon. The more elaborate method require an overnight (at least) marinate, which you can find here. You can use this method with to cook other fish.
By the way, excuse me the pictures…did not elaborate, but trust me the salmon taste better than in look 🙂


2 salmon filet, cut in half.
1 tablespoon miso paste
½ tablespoon sugar
3 tablespoon water
½ tablespoon cooking wine
1 tablespoon olive oil


In a bowl add the miso paste, sugar, water and the cooking wine, mix well. Cover the salmon filet with the miso paste, in the meantime heat the olive oil in a skillet, place the salmon and add approximately ¼ to 1/3 cup of water and cover (to cook the salmon). Once the water evaporates let the salmon brown both side.
Serve warm with rice.

Curiosity Corner Jan 2013
Did you know that miso is a product produced by the fermentation of soybeans? It can be made of rice or barley as well, but typically of soybean. Miso is a traditional Japanese food which has gained world-wide interest. It is usually very salty, therefore it is used for sauces, pickling vegetables or meats, or to make miso soup by mixing dashi (mixture of edible kelps and shaved dry tuna fish – we can elaborate more next time).

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  1. Can’t wait to give this a try, it looks great.

  2. Nice! I love faster versions of recipes. Great job girl 😉

  3. Oh I wish I had known about this two nights ago, Juliana…we had salmon for dinner and I would have loved to try this. Next time for sure!

  4. What a wonderful recipe Juliana. Love the simplicity of this flavor. Miso is always has a special place in my heart.

  5. Juliana,
    Thank you so much for visiting! These salmon steaks look wonderful.

  6. This is simply gorgeous and I suspect simply delicious as well. I’m thinking salmon would be very nice for St. Patrick’s day. I like this recipe.

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  10. A beautiful way to enjoy salmon.

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  12. This is healthy and delicious! I’ve never tried Miso as a marinate before…

  13. Seems quite a lot of miso …
    I never tried this way of prep before since I do not have miso stocked up here but if I will one day, I will remember to try this 🙂

  14. Juliana

    The recipe sounds great; I confess: I have never tried miso; I am beginning to think I am definitely missing something here!

  15. Looks good enough for me:) I have tried miso soup but have not cook any fish with it. Great idea!

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  18. Oh..I love miso that goes with anything. This looks so tasty. Sometime I marinate miso with chicken wing and deep fried it.

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  21. An excellent quick recipe and I love the flavors with miso!

  22. I love this recipe, Juliana!

  23. it looks great, I love salmon with asian sauces, and if is speedy even better. 🙂

  24. This looks great. Salmon is one of my favourity fish and always looking for new ways to cook it.

  25. Like “speedy” Gonzales, I meant favourite, ha, ha!

  26. I love the idea of a quick yet delicious meal – may I ask what miso paste you used? Thanks!

  27. Ooh, what a great way to use miso! I like Japanese miso very much…but have you tried the Korean kind? don’t…it’s bad. Hee.

  28. A wonderful idea! Perfect with rice!



  29. This looks so simple and good and I’m also trying to find new and simple ways to cook salmon! 🙂

  30. Mmm, the salmon does look delicious. I love miso salmon, but I put mine under the grill (works great with eggplant too!). Thanks for a different idea 🙂

  31. Oh that salmon looks perfect!

  32. anything “speedy” is a winner to me. the miso marinade sounds delicious =)

  33. Great recipe! Salmon and miso match beautifully together.

  34. What a great salmon recipe, looks delicious!

  35. Before I moved away from San Fran I lived in the same building as my college roommate. She couldn’t cook a thing except black bean sea bass and miso salmon. I never mastered either recipe, mostly because I loved having it cooked for me. I’m a long way from home so maybe I should try making some miso salmon myself!

  36. Trissa: I usually buy the Japanese light miso paste, there are many choices, since I do not read Japanese I just go by the the color 🙂 So far haven’t been disappointed, I add a little sugar because I like sweet touch on miso. According to Sophia the Korean miso are not so good.

    Sophia: Thanks for the tip…will keep in mind 😉

  37. This is one of my fave preparations for salmon — especially in the summer. I’ll do it with miso, then stick it on a cedar plank over the grill. Makes it extra smoky wonderful. 😉

  38. Great midweek meal! It’s fast and easy.

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  46. Why have I never thought of this? It’s a good thing I have you to do my thinking for me…

    I love miso. This is going to appear on our table soon, I know! Thanks.

  47. This sounds yummy, and fast. A great combination 🙂

  48. My uncle has been telling me to cook salmon with miso but I never had the chance to try it… but here you are showing me how… thanks for sharing… I like the intense color of your salmon…I could smell its freshness and yummy-ness!

  49. This looks and sounds like a delicious way to prepare salmon.

  50. Great recipe! I bought salmon a couple of days ago and I’ve been trying to decide how to prepare it. This would be a sure winner! My daughter and I love salmon. Maybe my husband will even go for this one.

  51. Oh honey, you need not worry abt the pics, i can tell te salmosn tastes absolutely amazing. Lovely recipe.

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  53. I’ve been on a serious miso kick lately- I’ll have to try this glaze on tofu!

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  55. Yum! I just made something similar the other day but have yet to post about it. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Fast, healthy and tasty!

  56. easy done !! just for me !! I ove fish !! Pierre

  57. I love that you don’t have to marinate it and the color it gives the salmon is just gorgeous – yum!

  58. I beg to differ, Juliana… those pictures of the miso salmon look absolutely mouthwatering! 🙂

  59. Holy smokes! You photos of the salmon look incredible to me! I could eat that right now and it is only 8:42am! Perhaps later this week. This recipe looks straight forward and delicious. I have all the ingredients at home and could readily make this! Do you think it would taste good with like a halibut? Or some other thick cut fish?

  60. Hi Patty, yes you can use any kind of fish, even the thin cut ones like tilapia, orange roughy…it taste as good as salmon 🙂

  61. I made something similar with a cucumber salad with rice vinegar dressing! 🙂

  62. This looks completely delightful. I bet it tastes amazing!

  63. YUM YUM YUM!

    Am looking forward to giving this one a try. I love salmon and this looks like a nice variation on the regular ways to cook it. Thanks for your recipe.

  64. I am so excited to try this for a lunch I am cooking for my girlfriends tomorrow. My husband doesn’t eat fish of any kind so my lunches with my girlfriends are the perfect opportunity to try new dishes. I am serving a cucumber salad on the side and some baked garlic butternut squash. YUM YUM YUM! Thanks for the recipe!

  65. This recipe was AWESOME and a big hit with my friends. I also made it with chicken cutlets and it was equally as delicious! Thank you again! I live in a cow town (for lack of better words) after moving here from Hawaii. There are no Asian Markets here and I have to drive at least an hour to the nearest one. Fortunately a new Japanese Restaurant in the are let me buy some miso paste from them and I was able to come through today with a great lunch for my friends!

  66. Hello Our friends just gave us a huge piece of Coho Salmon. I just made the Miso sauce recipe and it taste so good, I was wondering should I leave the salmon skin on the back or would you take it off?
    I think ILL do 2 big pieces one with the skin on ,and the other off.

    Aloha from Canada


  67. Hi Lisa, I normally like the salmon without the skin since it is hard for the miso sauce to penetrate the skin. I am glad that you enjoyed the recipe. Thanks for visiting 🙂