Jan 072013

Whisper of the heart

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed time with your loved ones…and yes, you landed in the right site…It is a new year, therefore I decided to share a quote that I saw on my personal Facebook which I found it very inspiring…and thought that it would be nice to share it with you. I have no idea who wrote this quote, so I copied exactly how I got it. I hope you enjoyed it.

I had a great time with my family and friends, and it was so nice to take time off from everything from my normal activity, including blogging, so please forgive me for my silence during this couple of weeks.

Oh! One more thing…I don’t think I ever mentioned, I love plants, all kind of plants (edible as well), so my house is filled with it, and lately I started to collect succulents, yes, collect…which my husband teases me saying that I should work in a nursery…I find it very soothing and relaxing “playing” with my plants. I sure spend a lot of time planting, watering, re-potting and making gift items with it. So today I am sharing some of my “babies”…

Garden from Simple Recipes (1)

Garden from Simple Recipes (2)

Garden from Simple Recipes (3)

Garden from Simple Recipes (4)

I hope you enjoy my little “babies” and next week I’ll be back with new recipes…

Thank you for stopping by Simple Recipes and have a great week!

  45 Responses to “Happy New Year and a Quote for Thought…”

  1. Nice post! That list makes a lot of sense. Happy New Year to you and your family. That’s cute that you love plants so much. I love flowers especially.

  2. Great reminders!! Those are sch darling plants!

  3. I never made resolutions but I always take stock of where I am emotionally and where I want to go and how I can improve over the next 12 months. I know it would be easier looking at all your babies. 🙂

  4. Great Rules of Life. Your babies are beautiful, I find plants are very soothing and relaxing to be around.

  5. I wish I had such a green thumb. I love plants, too, but they don’t always love me. Let’s just say, I’m just glad when they stay alive. 😉

  6. Your babies are so healthy and pretty…I love plants too but somehow they don’t like me!:( Inspiring quotes…thanks for sharing:)

  7. What a great list Juliana! Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a great year for you! 😀

  8. Happy New Year dear Juliana!! I love this list!!xo

  9. Definitely 7 rules to live by, Juliana.
    Succulents are fun to grow…our Garden Club recently had a speaker on them.

  10. I love the quotes, Juliana! So, so true 🙂 I don’t have many house plants but I do love to work in my garden in the warmer months. I find it so peaceful and therapeutic.

  11. That’s a great bunch of quotes to start of the New Year. I love your succulent garden xx

  12. Happy New Year, Juliana! Thank you for sharing this lovely sentiment. They’re all such important things to remember, and all so very inspiring. Hope 2013 is off to a sweet start for you. 🙂

  13. They should print this out and give it to all graduating high school seniors.

  14. Hi Juliana,
    Lovely quotes! I find them inspiring.
    Cute little plants!
    Happy New Year and best wishes for a great 2013!

  15. I love the quote, the seven rules are a good way to live your life. I love your plants too, very pretty!

  16. Happy New Year! Love the quotes and definitely love your collection of succulents.

  17. I love this quote. It’s something we all need to remember, isn’t it? Sounds like you and I are on the same page when it comes to plants. I have them all over my home. I love your terrarium. I have to make one myself and I have the perfect jar for it! Thank you for the lovely idea. 🙂

  18. Have a wonderful New Year Juliana and these plants I am sure they will keep you busy! They look very pretty!

  19. Happy New Year Juliana. What a wonderful quote and love those beautiful plants you have been growing.

  20. Happy New Year Juliana! I love the rules of life. And a lovely hobby you have. I so do not have a green thumb lol.

  21. Thank you for sharing the thoughts and your collection of plants with us. I also have lots of plants, but most are edible 😉

  22. Nice post! Great list of rules of life 🙂

  23. Just like you, besides cooking I enjoy gardening too. In fact I grow all the herbs I use for my cooking. Great 7 rules which I certainly believe in.

  24. Hi Juliana,

    Happy 2013 to you and your family! Your succulent plants look very lovely. You must have given them lots of tender loving care… That’s why.


  25. Excellent rules for life! Now if we could just get everyone to follow them 🙂 Your succulents are beautiful…wish I had your green thumb!

  26. Welcome back! Great list – thanks so much for sharing.

  27. can we have a recipe for potting succulents please? I have a large one that has two ‘babies’ but I have no idea how to cut them off and replant them! Happy new year to you Juliana 🙂

  28. I love your succulent plants! And 7 rules of life……truly the voice of heart.

  29. that’s a great list of rules to live by! may we all adhere to it as best we can. 🙂

  30. Happy New Year my friend – may it be very good for you 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  31. Happy New Year! And l love your cactus collection! So cute!

  32. Happy New Year Juliana! Thanks for sharing the quote. 🙂 We have some cactus in our backyard too. Yours look more organized though. 😉

  33. Since I stopped making resolutions years ago, I think your list is the perfect way to start off each New Year. #1 and #4 really resonates with me. #1, I need to follow because I’ve let many past hurts affect who I am today and #4 because I’ve been a victim of it. I never, ever judge people or listen to what people have to say about people because you’re only hearing one side of a story..one person’s opinion. That said..love your babies. I totally agree, gardening or just taking care of house plants is so therapeutic and rewarding! Happy New Year, Juliana!

  34. What an inspiring quote. And pretty plants 🙂

  35. Your passion for nurturing plants is very appreciated, especially by an avid gardener like me ;o)
    I didn’t mind letting go my big house…but I really did mind letting go my peaceful garden, sigh.

    Love what you shared Juliana…Happy, blessed New Year to you and your closest.

    Ciao for now,

  36. Your succulents are beautiful (and I just love the little mushrooms decorations you have in there, too!). Happy New Year!!

  37. OK, your list is amazing! Thanks, it really made my day! and what a beautiful composition! 🙂

  38. Wonderful and a very thoughtful list. Happy new year!

  39. hi juliana, nice sharing of the rules of life. I can see that you are a good gardener too! Have a nice week ahead!

  40. Hi Juliana, I hope you had a nice Christmas – and I wanted to wish you a happy New Year in 2013. Thanks for sharing the quotes. I don’t have a lot of “items” on my list – maybe other than to stay sane and try to take better care of myself. I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  41. That’s nice. I have black thumbs and I can make a plant last for a month.

  42. Adorable babies, Juliana! And 7xLikes for your rules of life : ).

  43. Happy New Year, Juliana. That list of 7 holds many truths, and sets a wonderful tone for approaching 2013. All the best to you! Nancy

  44. “Don’t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is about.” It says it all, doesn’t it? I think of that often.