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Ciabatta Bread Using Bread Machine

I love making bread, specially when the weather is cold…it is true that takes longer for the dough to rise, but once this part is done, the smell of the bread baking and the warmth that the hot oven fills the house…is just wonderful.

This is a very simple and easy recipe for ciabatta, and for both the biga and the main dough I used the bread machine. If you do not own one, you can adapt it, by mixing and kneading manually.


½ cup water
¾ cup bread flour
¼ teaspoon yeast

Main dough
½ cup water
1 tablespoon milk
2 tablespoon olive oil
1½ cup bread flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon sugar
1/8 teaspoon yeast


Place the ingredients of the biga in the bread machine bucket and set to mix for approximately 5 minutes, until all the flour is incorporated.

Turn the bread machine off and let the biga sit for 12 to 15 hours.

Next day, add all the ingredients listed in the main dough and set the machine to mix and knead.

Once the bread machine stop, place the dough in a lightly oiled container and cover with a oiled plastic film. Let is rise in a warm place until the dough size double. The dough will be more wetter than your normal bread dough.

With a spoon gently scoop the dough in a flourly baking sheet. Shape gently the dough as desired and sprinkle with flour and let it rise in a warm place until the dough double in size.

Bake in a preheated 425F for 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

The Ciabatta can be stored in a freezer by wrapping in aluminum wrap and when ready to serve place in a 350 F oven for approximately 5~10 minutes.

Curiosity Corner Jan 2013
Did you know that ciabatta in Italian means slipper?

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  1. I’ve never made bread, but have ALWAYS loved the smell of homemade bread in the oven when my mom makes it. Best thing in the world! Ciabatta is one of my favourite types of bread and yours looks so delicious! The texture is perfect! Did you mean to say “By mixing and kneading manually” instead of “My mixing and kneading manually”? Great bread – would love a slice! 😀

  2. And yay I’m first to comment! 😀 haha

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  4. The texture of the ciabatta looks fantastic. You’ve done such a good job :D)!

  5. Can imagine the smell! Going to try this – been lazy and using the bread machine for a French bread, but want this. This is speaking my name.

  6. That’s a lovely look ciabatta! I’ve been baking up a lot of bread lately too. Must be the season.

  7. Thanks Sharon…just made the correction 😉

  8. This looks fantastic. I’ve been wanting a bread machine for a long time because I love fresh bread. I didn’t know Ciabatta means little slipper. That’s so sweet.

  9. Your Ciabatta looks so delicious. It is one of my favorite bread!

  10. You rock! Baking bread is so rewarding and yours looks delicious! The smell of baking bread is one of my top 5 favorite aromas in the world. There is something so comforting about the smell of bread in the oven. This looks delicious. I have been wanting to make some homemade bread for so long now…hopefully I will do it soon! 🙂

  11. I love my bread machine. It makes wonderful loaves of bread like this far less time consuming and even better, I know the ingredients I’ve put in the bread. Lovely!


  12. Beautiful! Look at the great texture of that bread!

  13. I can certainly understand the advantage of having a bread machine.
    Although, I’ve been told it doesn’t do miracles…and one needs to have some skills to prepare a successful bread.
    Juliana…thank goodness you’re at the healm ;o) Beautiful bread and great tutotial pics.

    Flavourful wishes,

  14. Thats a pro looking ciabatta.I seldom get my breads right.Maybe I can drop in for some lessons 🙂

  15. Beautiful bread, Juliana. I no longer have a bread machine and since the kids are gone, I don’t make nearly as much bread as I used to. But I do love ciabatta….it’s wonderful for panini for one thing, but the crumb on yours makes it super for everything!

  16. That’s a splendid looking ciabatta..what a great texture it has..Great job here Juliana 🙂

    US Masala

  17. I do own a breadmaker and keep using it for my daily bread. 🙂 Very handy.
    Your ciabatta looks so good!

  18. That ciabatta bread looks fantastic! And using a bread machine no less! 😀

  19. Interesting! I did not know ciabatta is slipper (in Italian). I wonder why. Love freshly baked bread anytime!

  20. this looks perfect one of my favs

  21. You got the PERFECT texture on that ciabatta! It looks beautiful!

  22. beautifully done Juliana
    looks delicious homemade bread is always rewarding

  23. a beautiful loaf, my bread maker died a few weeks back…sad but I now am drolling over a great model, thanks for sharing!!


  24. I doubt mine would turn out as beautifully as yours but the photos took my breath away. How light and luscious this bread is! Bookmarked because winter continues and break baking is a civilized way of dealing with it.

  25. Ahhh, nothing beats the nice hot bread aroma all over the house! Yummy!

  26. the bread look so nicely baked, soft and yummy! (: (:

  27. That texture looks absolutely perfect! Yum, I just can’t resist freshly baked bread 🙂

  28. The bread looks amazing, what a lovely crust!!!

  29. Beautiful ciabatta bread!

  30. Your breads look always wonderful! I can imagine a slice of your ciabatta with just a little butter when it’s warm… 🙂

  31. This is one of my favorite breads for its chewy crust! Yours looks terrific!

  32. Hi Juliana,

    I’ve recently started dabbing into bread making and love it. I actually really enjoy the mixing and kneading part and prefer not to use a machine. Your bread looks lovely and delicious. The crust is baked to perfection and the inside nice and fluffy. Great job!

  33. That ciabatta looks amazing, just like sponge cake!

  34. Please don’t tempt me with talk of bread machines and ciabatta and the smell of baking! Your bread would be perfect with a slathering of butter, but you’ve probably already thought of that =)

  35. What an excellent homemade ciabatta!

  36. Oh that looks amazing, but wow a lot of resting time lol.

  37. Your Ciabatta is perfect! there is nothing like the aroma of home-made bread 🙂

  38. ive been making my own bread a lot lately..but havent progressed to ciabatta yet!

    that requires a LOT of patience…waiting up to 15 hrs for the biga! but it looks like its worth the time and effort!

  39. My mother baked bread everyday. You’ve brought back wonderful memories and smells of freshly baked bread. Life is good.

  40. that bread is just beautiful!

  41. The texture is excellent! You’ve done a great job….

  42. I can’t imagine how heavenly homemade ciabbata would be. Yours looks like perfection!

  43. Oh so many holes! I love cabiatta and your looks just perfect!

  44. Wow, this looks so delicious and so professional, Juliana! Like it came straight from an Italian bakery. Yum. 🙂

  45. Beautiful! That is a lovely bread. Perfect for making bruschette.



  46. Wow, the ciabatta looks so good!

  47. Juliana you made one beautiful loaf of bread. There is nothing better than the smell of baking bread in the house!

  48. That is a beautiful (!!) loaf of bread! Looks delicious!

    Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xx
    Delightful Bitefuls

  49. I’m so with ya. there is nothing on earth that smells better than a fresh loaf of bread just out of the oven. I can almost taste it. Yum. Beautiful loaf!

  50. oh what a perfect bread!

  51. So true Juliana, the heavenly smell of bread in the oven is worth all the manual labor and the wait time for rising.

  52. Such a gorgeous loaf of bread, I wish I had one in my oven right now, maybe this weekend;-)

  53. I don’t own a bread machine but I think I need to invest! Your bread looks delicious — so light and airy! I bet it smelled amazing too!

  54. What a beautiful loaf of bread. You really did a nice job with this. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings…Mary

  55. Your ciabatta looks perfect and I bet it tastes even lovelier…gorgeous!
    Hope your having a great week 🙂

  56. this ciabatta bread looks absolutely delicious!

  57. I, personally, am in love with my bread machine. I just made honey buttermilk bread with it today! I know what you mean by that yummy smell :). Thanks for another great recipe! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  58. What a perfect rise and an equally beautiful texture for this loaf!

  59. Love your blog, I’m not a bread maker (though I cook a ton). This is seriously professional looking.

  60. The texture is perfect! I am surprised that the dough rise so much 🙂
    M’mmmm Ciabatta with olive oil, perfecto!

  61. I must try this!

    Doesn’t calzone mean trouser?

  62. Gorgeous and perfect looking ciabatta! Love the look of it.

  63. I can almost smell the ciabatta. It looks pretty too.:)

  64. I love ciabatta and no, did not know it meant slippers. How fun! I will make this very soon!

  65. I love ciabatta, but I’ve never made it before. Using a bread machine is even better, so thanks for the recipe. I’ll keep this in mind.

  66. When I see this post, my dilemma to get a bread machine resurface again. Yours look so perfect but I’m not sure if I really need another machine or if I could attempt it on my own *gulp* Nonetheless, it looks artisan-perfecto 🙂

  67. Your ciabatta is so beautiful. I want some now 🙂 Thank you for sharing this loveliness tonight. I hope that tomorrow is full of happy moments, joyful conversation and plates of satisfying food!

  68. Your ciabatta looks fluffy and delicious – perfect in fact!

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  70. I love making bread too! I’ve been experimenting with very wet doughs like dough for ciabatta lately. It’s been an interesting challenge!

  71. I’m such a bad girl. I’ve been promising to bake bread for Marion all winter, not yet…

    Yours looks heavenly, Juliana. Gee, I sure wish I would have kept my bread machine. I may have had a chance…(in case you don’t know, I’m yeast challenged, big time!)

  72. That is one handsome-looking loaf of bread. I love to bake bread and a bread machine has been one my wish list for a while now!

  73. That’s some pretty scandelicious looking bread! Thanks for swingin by for a peep 🙂 I can’t wait to give your blog a proper snoop!

  74. What a perfect looking loaf of bread! Looks delicious, Ciabatta is a favorite at my house!

  75. Gosh, I love all the gorgeous hole in your bread. The texture looks perfect. Thanks! You just tempted me to make one. lol! ha… Hope you’ll have a great weekend.

  76. Lovely texture! Sometimes we also use mother dough in making Chinese buns : ).

  77. This bread is gorgeous! It has the lovely holes in the middle, and the crust looks good and chewy- just how I like it! I’m going to try this one. 🙂

  78. Beautiful! Ciabatta is one of my favorites.

  79. Your ciabatta looks fabulous! I love making bread too, love the smell of bread in the house!

  80. That ciabatta looks perfect!

  81. Your home made ciabatta bread looks so tasty & truly FABULOUS!!!


  82. Wow, beautifully done! Perfect crust, and a lovely light texture. Amazing.
    I’m doing a give away on my blog for $80 Amazon gift card :), do stop over and enter!
    *kisses* HH

  83. Your ciabatta bread is simply beautiful. The texture is perfect! I bet this would make for some fantastic paninis! :o)

  84. I don’t have a bread machine, but this loaf looks so delicious I would take the time to make by hand. Fresh bread is one of the best things in the whole world!

  85. What a gorgeous loaf of bread Juliana! Ciabatta is one of my favorites – never made my own! You make it look easy – thanks for showing us how to make it. Hope you have a great weeekend!

  86. You have a lovely blog. My first time visiting. Your bread looks wonderful.

  87. looks really good and the shape of your ciabatta is perfect! nice holes too!

  88. You know, I can’t actually remember the last time I made a loaf of bread. Looking at your photos makes me feel very foolish for this!

  89. I have a bread machine, but I never dared make ciabatta. Every day it was brown loaf for us, healthy but a bit boring.

    I shall now attempt it, if you can do it, I can at least try! 🙂

  90. Hi Juliana,
    Ciabatta is one of my favorite breads—what a beautiful loaf you have baked!
    I will have to try this—adapted—without the bread machine. great recipe.

  91. What a beautiful loaf of bread! It looks perfect and delicious!


  93. Hi Steve,
    Actually you made me go back to my scrapbook and indeed I totally forgot the salt when I typed the ingredients. It should be 3/4 teaspoon of salt in the main dough. Will correct the recipe. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention and I appreciate you stopping by my site.

  94. I had no idea what ciabatta translated to – now I know! 🙂 The bread looks fabulous – so delicate, light, and airy! I could definitely go for a big sandwich between two slices of this.

  95. It looks great, with just the right amount of holes! Must be delicious with some chocolate hazelnut spread too 🙂